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One way or another, these realizations became the topic of our everyday discussions.

Every single day we would meet each other in that same room sharing jokes and freaky ideas. We would pick a topic and jump on it, agreeing and arguing, whichever stand or side we were on. The daily debates became a good medium for our growing friendship. Every time, we would have a good laugh. Friendships flourished and bonds were formed.

From the start of the morning helloes till the end of the day goodbyes, new friends became old friends. From dusk till dawn, we would talk to each other, mess with each other, contribute funny stories, share our heartaches and problems, listen to each other, and offer our suggestions and support as friends.

Having this feeling of happiness and comfort, we felt compelled to give back to the room our thanks, for accommodating us through the good times and the bad. Thus christened, a small room, #buangons was born! Uwah! Uwah! October 30, 2006!

Invitations to all buangons were sent, and people with diverse personalities came and stayed. Everyone in #buangons is considered a friend.  Everybody else followed and hung out. And we became a bigger room of #buangons friends.

So dayon mo sa atong gamay’ng payag.  And may we have many more BUANGONS friends to come!

There is always space for YOU!

Enjoy your stay!


To manage our room effectively and to have an expressive room to jam in while maintaining order and peace to our other friends online, BUANGONS management has set a few guidelines to follow while in the room.

1. OBEY THE RULES!!! To maintain a harmonious and fun relationship among us, it is best to bear the rules in mind and actually abide by them.

2. Listen and perform as necessary, the warnings and/or suggestions of the available Ops. They are there to serve YOU. Please respect and support them as they are trying to make you and everyone elses stay in the room as pleasant and comfortable as possible within the bounds of the guidelines.

3. Strictly no posting of advertisements in the main channel except for Official Announcements concerning BUANGONS. These advertisements include posting of invitations to let others join another channel, websites, friendster or email addresses. Please make it a point to advertise privately through messages sent directly to the friends you want to contact. Official Announcements are broadcasted by OPs only after intensive deliberation.

4. Flooding is not allowed. You may type too fast and fill the whole room with your own conversation, its like talking to yourself. Give other people a chance to say what they want to say at the same time. So please press enter slowly so you can hear what others are saying as well. Messages sent through /ame are considered flooding if entered three (3) times or more. Remember, not everyone knows what you are talking about therefore it is very rude.

5. Use of foul language or offensive nicks is a no no. Buangons management believes that we are intelligent and of high quality standard. We don’t need to talk trashy to make our opinion heard. Friends are encouraged to talk as freely and as expressively as they want within the bounds of the guidelines so as not to offend the other members reading and talking in the room. Lets just respect each other.

6. Kicks are used freely by OPs if the guidelines get violated and proper course of action is deemed necessary. However, Kick Bans are only done for grave offenses and needs the approval of all available OPs. Bots are programmed to have automatic courses of action for flooders, spammers, and drone patterns. No kicks or bans should be done without proper reason as to why the course of action was implemented by the OP.

7. No warez, porn, or other activities that are generally considered to be illegal by the reasonable people in the channel. If you have questions about this, please ask the channel ops.

8. No OP or access begging. With power comes great responsibility. Don’t ask for such responsibility. Believe me you don’t want it.

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