CTC Game

#Buangons (A game of endless hours of fun!)

The bot has a 6 digital random code. numbers from 0 to 6. The job is to crack the code with the question answer the bot gives in channel.

!ctc To start the game
!code  Put your crack code answer
!hint Shows a hint to the game.
!score Shows your best score in the game.
!top Show the Top Player of  the game.


The game is really easy when you play more times. The id of the game
is to crack the code the bot has. The numbers of the code is between 0 and 6.

Example: 012345 or 623414 etc..

The bot gives every 20 sec a hint of what the numbers could be.

To start the game type !ctc when you know the code you type example: !code 123456

After 10 given questions and answers there is time for a hint cmd like : !hint