• There will be One [1] Monthly Winner for Trivia and Three [3] Monthly Winners for Topwords.
  • Prizes: Winner for [Trivia] received Php1000, Three Monthly Winners for [Topwords] received 1st- Php1000 2nd- Php500 3rd- Php250
  • Trivia Winner Monthly Score is based on the generated website of the bot –
  • Trivia can only happen when no chatters wish to talk or its the wee hours to give chance to topworders to talk on the channel
  • If anyone gets caught using scripts on the channel or just typing meaningless letters or numbers for the count, except reasonably in trivia, they will be automatically disqualified from rankings.
  • You want to earn Php1000 every month? It is easy, everyone is invited to join the game #Buangons. Participate and Play the Trivia Game in the #Buangons channel everyday.
  • Official Website