Buangons GameMasters Announcement:

Let it be known that the games in #buangons are for all #buangons to enjoy, to build bonds and friendships on. In the spirit of fun, fairness, and camaraderie, all actions deemed in violation of such will be given a warning. Provided that the deed no longer continues, it shall be pardoned. The player can continue participating in the games.

If the warning goes unacknowledged, with no halt in unacceptable behaviour, player will then be disqualified from the rankings in question.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage!  Enjoy the games!


Questions/Clarifications: Message way2cute

TopWords Guidelines

a. Mechanics? Simple.  Just talk on #buangons and your words get counted.  The more you talk, the more chances of winning.

b. You must have a registered username in IRC to join the Top Talker Challenge.  Only those logged in to their IRC usernames can be identified and tracked for the Top Talker Challenge (monitored daily). 

i.e. iRc nick: way2cute  mask:  way2cute!~w2cute@way2cute.users.undernet.org

If you’re not logged-in and masked your username,  automatic disqualification from the game rankings.

c. There will be No Scripts allowed or just typing meaningless letters or numbers for the count, except reasonably in trivia. Ops will keep an eye on channel traffic and #buangons members can also send screenshots if they see violations. Automatic disqualification from rankings.

d. TopWords  Monthly Score is based on the generated website of the bot – https://topwords.thebuangons.org/

e. Winners for Topwords will receive 1st- Php1000,  2nd- Php500, 3rd- Php250.

Trivia Guidelines

a. There will be One [1] Monthly Winner for Trivia.

b. Winner for [Trivia] will receive Php1000.

c. Trivia Winner Monthly Score is based on the generated website result of the bot – https://trivia.thebuangons.org

d. Enjoy and have fun playing the Trivia game in #buangons channel.



Maraming Salamat sa ating mga Chatters/Users na walang sawa na nag-join sa Trivia Game #Buangons.



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