• way2cute posted an update 2 months ago

    what would u do, if you knew, you were gonna lose the love of your life one week from now?

    • First, I will take a leave from work and spend quality time of my special someone until the very end.

      • is that feasible with ur current situation?

        and, what IS quality time?

        • I’m a risk-taker myself, so yeah, I will do that. Quality time is quite subjective so, IMHO, I will see to it that I am there for that special someone until her one last breath. Sorry sa very late reply, been busy with life lately lol

          • I appreciate your very late response nonetheless. Better late than pregnant. lol

            Follow up would be: Unveil what quality time or being there for them would be or look like. Im kinda looking for more specific examples

    • I’ll make sure every second of it counts..

      • how though? specifics..

        • I’ll react when I’m in that position already but first thing I would do is give my 100% attention to the person, maybe think of new things as the hour or days go by. Maybe watch movies that you haven’t seen together or even movies that you enjoyed together. Sing songs, maybe lie down on the grass and look up to the stars. Heck bathe in rain etc.