Monthly Top Talker Challenge

Monthly Top Talker Challenge for #Buangons
Let’s see who is the most talkative in the channel.

Duration: December 1 – December 31, 2020

Status Update:


Buangons GameMasters Announcement: Let it be known that the games in #buangons are for all #Buangons to enjoy, to build bonds and friendships on. In the spirit of fun, fairness, and camaraderie, all actions deemed in violation of such will be given a warning. Provided that the deed no longer continues, it shall be pardoned. The player can continue participating in the games.

1. No script allowed to be run in the channel. Automatic disqualification.
2. You must have a registered username in iRC to join the Top Talker Challenge.
3. Only 1 nickname – 1 user to be registered in the Top Talker Challenge.
4. Official Website for Top Talker Challenge –
5. Top 1 Top Talker Challenge will be announced as a WINNER!!!
6. Top Talker Challenge will update every 30minutes.

If the warning goes unacknowledged, with no halt on unacceptable behavior, player will then be disqualified from the rankings in question.

Thank you for your continued support! Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Games

Questions / Clarifications: Msg way2cute

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